One’s company, two’s a crowd and three’s a party.

(Andy Warhol)

     ENDLAND is a space with boundaries. A playground cage. Endland is a wild world where nothing happens. It is an in-between place: You have left somewhere, but you have not arrived anywhere yet. Endland was meant to be a party, but nobody is having fun.
     “ENDLAND” is a visual theatre piece for three performers and a RC car. Without using any text, “Endland” explores a strong visual and colourful imaginary, proposing an absurd and surrealistic environment. Through the ridiculous and the seriously absurd, these three creatures will try to find their own direction and to create their own party in an empty, but still chaotic, cage. The performers will be wearing costumes that will enhance the non-human, and the relationship of these creatures with the space and with the objects they are given.








.::: CREDITS :::.
Created by Mafalda Miranda Jacinto
In collaboration with Anthi Kougia, Susana Mendonça, Teresa Vaz
Light Design Filipe Pureza
Also with the initial collaboration of Clara Siewering, Nastasia Herzog, Sophia Weisser, Mareike Mohr (April 2018), Cori Williams, Olivia Bradburry, and Teddy May de Kock (2016)
Co-production Transeuropa Fluid, Rabbit Hole
Artistic Residence Forum Dança, Transeuropa
Distribution Rabbit Hole
Special thanks to Alex Cassal, Alkantara Anthi Kougia, Anastasia Sosunova, Andresa Soares, Basti Schimdt, Bruno Humberto, Charlotte Rosengarth, Clarissa Rêgo, Duarte Branquinho, João Estevens, Joana Sousa, João Leitão, Johannes Liebscher, Josefa Pereira, Julia Sokolnicka, Luara Moreira, Mareike Mohr, Mengting Cheuk, Mirela Baciak, Pedro Filipe Mendes, Phillipe Lenzini, Sarah Ama Duah, Sara Vicente, Sara Garrinhas, Victoria Jung.
.::: DATES :::.
MAY 24-27, 2018 // Transeuropa Fluid Festival, Hildesheim (DE)
OCT 12-14, 2018 // CONCLAVE, Rua das Gaivotas 6, Lisboa (PT)