.:.: U-topia :.:.

[Pre-production for 2019]

“Utopia” is a theatre piece that proposes a visual landscape narrated through an external voice. It can be seen as a story telling accompanied by happenings. This unseen voice, this (g)host, will have a monologue regarding stories of Utopia(s), while at the same time welcoming the audience. On the stage a theatrical dispositive made out of holographic paper will act as the “Utopia” space (or “eutopia”, from the greek: the good space) that will interact and illustrate the voice being heard. It is a piece that will address the theatrical stage as a space for the composition of “moving images” reflecting on the poetics of Utopia, and the connections between fiction and reality, through the absurd and the humorous. “Utopia” aims to enhance the imaginative potencial of all its participants: performers and spectators.